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Each year VSSA's lobbying team is at the General Assembly everyday working with legislators to defeat bad bills and pass good bills.  By the time the legislators walk into a subcommittee or committee meeting, they have met with your lobbying team and know the VSSA position on every bill.  You may not see our name in the newspaper or TV news as having stood up in committee to address a bill but rest assured, the committee members know our position and we are confident at the time the committee meets that your rights will be protected by the Delegates and State Senators.

The 2018 Virginia General Assembly convenes on January 10, 2018.  The VSSA Legislative Team will be working to make sure Virginia does not become the next California or New Jersey when it comes to gun rights.  You may say that could not happen here but after last November’s election results, we are just two seats shy of having an anti-rights majority in the House of Delegates. The gun ban lobby spent millions in Virginia’s election for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and House of Delegate races, and now they are looking for payback.  Anti-gun candidates retained all three statewide offices and almost flipped the House of Delegates to an anti-gun majority.  Already, a flood of anti-gun legislation has been pre-filed, including a bill that would undo the bi-partisan agreement on concealed carry reciprocity that was enacted two years ago.  You can bet the newly elected legislators will do all they can to implement the extreme anti-gun agenda of Governor-elect Ralph Northam, Lt. Governor-elect Justin Fairfax, and Attorney General Mark Herring..

Let Your Voice Be Heard – Support the VSSA War Chest Today!  Only a small portion of member dues are available to help pay for VSSA's legislative efforts.  Your donations are needed to continue to protect your firearm freedom!!!  Credit card contributions by Visa and Mastercard graciously accepted.

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