Contact Information


To contact an Officer, Director, or Staff member, send an email to the address beside the individual’s name. 



Lu Charette– Executive Director, [email protected] 

Office Phone: (540) 672-5848



Name                     Term Expires

Ernie Padgett      (12/17) - President, [email protected]

Thomas Ciarula  (12/16) –Vice President, [email protected]

Andrea Smith     (12/16) – Treasurer, [email protected]

Joe Turner          (12/18) – Secretary, [email protected]


David Adams      (12/16) - Legislative Director, Publications and Web Site Chairman - [email protected]

Bill McKaig        (12/17) - Highpower Rifle Coach - [email protected]

Mike Jamison    (12/17) – Highpower Program Director – [email protected]

Joe Primerano   (12/18) –  [email protected]

Jesse Lockhart        (12/18) –


Other Contacts

Lee Fleming –Junior Pistol Program Director– flem1911 at

Joe Fisher - Pistol Program Dirctor - joe_man_1 at

Mike Darnell – Junior Highpower Program Director – [email protected]